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Editing your User Page

Dude, I highly recommend editing your User Page, that way it looks cool like mine! — zeldahuman (Need some Advice?)

When Adding References

Hey, ALIT, how goes things? A few of us have noticed that some of your references don't correlate with what's being said. This has happened quite a few times, one of the newest being on the page Purlo. For example, the first reference makes no sense.

"He runs the STAR Game, a game in which Link can participate in that requires him to utilize his Clawshot to collect shiny orbs."

Alright, so that's what's in the article. Your reference:

"Er... Oh, what a happy day this is! The debut of a new star! Showers of applause all around!"

The reference doesn't support what's being stated in the text. All I ask is that you take the time to find references that correlates with what's being said in the page you're editing. Thanks! Atticus 18:10, March 23, 2013 (CDT)