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Indiana, USA




Regular Wiki Editor? xD

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Early September

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Well... it keeps growing... so.. -____-

Hello! :D

My name's zelda_geek. (Bleh) My real name is Abigail, which I prefer MUCH more.

This is the first Wiki I've been a member of. I've never really cared a whole lot for them because you can spend hours on an article and have someone wipe it clean in 2 minutes. I think this Wiki is filled with people who have more respect than that, so I trust that won't happen here.

I have an extreme love for writing. I started going to a tutor when I was 10, and I still write to this day. I wouldn't say I would want to grow up having writing as my permanent profession, but I'm definitely considering it as a side-job. What I REALLY love to do, is draw and paint. I'm very artistic, LOVE LOVE LOVE art! That's what I actually hope to use as my profession. :D

Uh, yeah that's pretty much it. :)