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Join Date

June 12 2012

Hi, I'm Tyless17 (DarkLink17 on the Forums).

Current Project: Any Stub Articles or Wanted Pages

Favorite Zelda games: Link's Awakening,Majora's Mask,The Wind Waker

Games Owned

The Legend of Zelda= NES
The Adventure of Link= NES
A Link to the Past= SNES, Virtual Console, GBA Remake
Link's Awakening= GB, DX Version on 3DS Shop
Ocarina of Time= N64, Virtual Console, 3D
Majora's Mask= N64, Virtual Console
Four Swords= GBA, 25th An. Edition
The Wind Waker= GC
Four Swords Adventures= GC
The Minish Cap= GBA
Twilight Princess= Wii
Phantom Hourglass= DS
Spirit Tracks= DS
Skyward Sword= Wii