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Hi people of the ZD Wiki, my name is Skywaker. (as you can see from the top of the page...) Though I'm new to the Wiki, I thought it would be a neat experience to join, especially if I can help out here with my knowledge of various Zelda games. I'm only a starter on editing Wikis (in fact, this is the first Wiki I've been a part of) but I hope to get better at it soon.

Alright, let's move on to some facts about me. For a fact, I love Zelda games. I've only been playing them since last year but I've fallen in love with them, even though I haven't played/own some. I also play ten instruments while Violin is what you would consider as my main, playing experience five years. I would like to add that my family is a very musical family. At least one of them plays an instrument or sings or does this other musical-improv-thingy such as DJing. I also love to write (hence why I joined the ZD Wiki) and make graphics on Gimp and Photoshop. Oh, and I also enjoy drawing.

My Writing is known in a lot of places, from the internet on other forums and in real life in school. Yes, I do have a profile if you are willing to read any of my stories. It's under the same name: Skywaker. I must add that I am not active much on there—I usually just get on to read other fanfictions posted on the site. In fact, I only have one story posted. However, I am more active on my Blogspot blog, found here: Skywaker's Stronghold.


This is a list of games that I have PLAYED. Played meaning I have tried out the game because my uncle had a 3DS...and he let me try out some Zelda games....or it's one that I actually own. It will be marked if I have completed it or not.

I do not own or have never played the following games: