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Username: MasterSword64
Member of group: Users, Autoconfirmed Users
Joined: 03:37, September 25, 2021
Favorite Zelda Game: Ocarina of Time
Favorite Zelda Dungeon: The Great Deku Tree
Favorite Zelda Boss King Dodongo
Favorite Zelda Moment: Pulling the Master Sword from the Pedestal of Time
Favorite Zelda Character: Saria
Least Favorite Zelda Game: N/A
Least Favorite Zelda Dungeon: Dodongo's Cavern
Least Favorite Zelda Boss Queen Gohma and Moldorm
Least Favorite Zelda Moment The Wounded Soldier's Dying Speech and The Great Deku Tree's Last Gift
Least Favorite Zelda Character Kaepora Gaebora
Favorite Zelda Theory: Tetraforce and The Wounded Soldier
Favorite Zelda Questions Who Does Link Marry?

Hey! Listen! I'm MasterSword64, a Zelda Dungeon user. I enjoy playing Zelda, writing fiction and fanfiction, reading, coding, and filming. I'm currently working on some pieces of Zelda fanfiction. I particularly enjoy Ocarina of Time, closely followed by A Link to the Past I also enjoy The Legend of Zelda and Breath of the Wild. I love Zelda Dungeon, and I primarily edit or add articles on Ocarina of Time, A Link to the Past, and the Timeline, as well as any missing or misspelled information on other pages. I love hidden secrets, fan theories, fanfiction, and the beautiful lore of the Zelda series.

Favorite Zelda Game


I love every Zelda game that I've ever played. Now, to be honest, that's not saying much due to the fact that I've only played four Zelda games. But I loved them all.

  1. I have to say that Ocarina of Time is my favorite because of the beautiful story and the great characters, as well as the pioneering game mechanics and the epic bosses and clever puzzles. I also can't help but love some of the bosses and the ingenuity required to kill them. Also, it has the best and most iconic Zelda music that I've ever heard. The only real downside to the game is the bad art.
  2. My second favorite is A Link to the Past. Not only does the game also have great stories, art, and bosses, but it's nostalgic and has awesome items and a lot of things you can do. It really set the standard for future Zelda games.
  3. My third is Breath of the Wild. I liked the game, and it would probably be higher on my list if I had played a bit more, since I was playing at a friend's house. It was great, the artwork was great, the puzzles were great, and I enjoyed the combat sequences and huge map.
  4. The last on my list is Legend of Zelda. It's a wonderful game, and it was the legend that started it all, but it feels too small and the graphics are too depressing. I know that both of those are due to the time that it was released, but I just don't enjoy it that much. However, the nostalgia is great and it carries a strong NES feeling with it. I feel like I would enjoy it a lot more if I came from that era. I still love the game, though. It's Awesome.

Favorite Zelda Dungeon


I love the Great Deku Tree dungeon not only because it's designed well, but also because it truly gives you motivation to complete the dungeon. The guardian deity of your tribe will die if you fail. Your friends will die if you fail. The forest will die if you fail. However, the Deku tree's death is really a sad part of the game to me. You were on a quest that I couldn't win. And the Deku Tree knew it all along. It's sad, but he rewards you with the Kokiri Emerald. Another neat thing about the Deku Tree is the low, woodwind music. The music appears again in the House of Skulltula. This is interesting, as both of these locations feature a heavily arachnid influence.

Favorite Zelda Boss


I like the King Dodongo because of the theme of the dungeon, the strategy involved, and the lack of hand-to-hand combat. I liked the way that he fit into the whole theme of the dungeon, which is essentially about fire and lizards. So what did they do for a boss? A really big fire lizard. Perfect fit, if you ask me. The second reason is the strategy. One of the primary elements of the dungeon is the introduction of Bombs. You have to Z-target him and throw a bomb in his mouth to stun him, and then you slash him. If he rolls, just crouch with your shield. If he blasts fire at you, you obviously didn't stun him, idiot. Repeat that a few times and he's dead. I like the strategy because it's continuous, as there aren't any phases. The third reason is the lack of hand-to-hand combat. You just really throw bombs at him. I mean, you technically need to slash him with your Kokiri Sword, but he doesn't slice back. That's why he's my favorite boss.

Favorite Zelda Moment


You just need to look at my username. MasterSword64 symbolizes the fact that I like Ocarina of Time and that I like the Master Sword. Put those together, and you get the triumphant moment where you pull the Master Sword from the Pedestal of Time in the Temple of Time. You're super excited, because your next move is to go kick Ganondorf's butt. Then you turn around and he's just standing there, like, "Hey, thanks for beating all those dungeons that I made for you. Now that yo`u get the Master Sword, I'm just gonna take this Triforce over here, and you can take a nap for a few years." It's really annoying, but not annoying enough to take the joy from getting the sword.

Favorite Zelda Character


I feel that the most underrated Ocarina of Time character is Saria. She's really a pivotal character and has deep feelings for Link, but she doesn't get the attention as a character that she deserves, clouded by other characters that appear more often. I appreciate how she shows innocence and compassion in the game, re-characterizing the way games are made now.

Least Favorite Zelda Game

[[File:Master-Craftsmans-Son.png|200px|right] If I had one, why would I even be on this website? I love Zelda games!

Least Favorite Dungeon


I like the King Dodongo, but I don't like the Dodongo's Cavern because of some of the enemies. I don't really feel that the Beamos fit the dungeon's theme. Also, I don't like Fire Keese. You can only target them when they're near enough to hit you, and they always come in pairs of two. They're almost impossible to hit without targeting because they move a lot and come at you fast when they choose to attack. So, in reality, I don't like the dungeons because of the enemies. I know it's a weak reason, but it was the only one that I found annoying.

Least Favorite Zelda Boss

Artwork of Moldorm.png

It actually took me a while to beat the Deku Tree, solely because I couldn't beat Queen Gohma. She was a pain. She's essentially only vulnerable in the eye until she's stunned, which is really annoying. At that time, I was new to the game, didn't really get Z-targeting, and sucked at the Fairy Slingshot. She was hard to beat, but easily accessible after you fall through the web. My close second is Moldorm from A Link to the Past. It took some time to kill him because he keeps shoving you off the platform. Jerk. Also, his tail is his only vulnerability. I guess that I don't like bosses with only one weakness.

Least Favorite Zelda Moment


The Wounded Soldier isn't actually an important character in Ocarina of Time. In reality, most players miss him, since he only appears in one place in one time when no one would think to go there. When you talk to him, he tells of Ganondorf's raid of the Hyrule Castle. However, one of my favorite theories is that the Soldier is actually a spy for Ganondorf. While this might seem weird, it's actually my favorite because it's a redemption story. My second favorite is the death of the Great Deku Tree, because you fought so hard to save the tree, but he knew that he would die in the end. He gives you the Kokiri Emerald and sends you to meet the Princess of Destiny. It's really sad that he dies.

Least Favorite Zelda Character


Look, I don't really have much against Kaepora Gaebora other than the fact that he's really annoying. Every time I enter Zora's Domain or the Gurudo Valley, he shows up and monologues and then flies away. Sure, he gives useful hints and can carry you to hard-to-reach places, but he sometimes gets monotonous when you have to go into a place more than once and you have to listen to him talk and talk and talk and talk and talk...

Favorite Zelda Theory

Hylian Shield OoT.png

I love Zelda theories! But I guess that I have to have a favorite. I chose the Tetraforce theory because I love the idea of there being another piece out there, and the Fierce Deity having something to do with it. The other theory that I like is the The Wounded Soldier Theory, which theorizes that the Wounded Soldier is a traitor to the throne of Hyrule. I'm currently developing some fanfiction on it.

Favorite Zelda Question

It is proven that Link gets married because the Link from Twilight Princess is a descendant of the Ocarina of Time Link. I personally think that it would be Malon. If you want more information on that, read a neat Zelda Dungeon Article here.

Thanks For Visiting!

Master Sword OoT.png

If you're reading this, I'm hoping that you read all the stuff above it. If you didn't, don't. It's not worth your time. Anyway, thanks for reading my user page. Have fun adventuring!