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Majora's Cat


New Jersey, USA




Site Staff — News Correspondent, Editorial Writer
Forum — Hylian Knight, Article Writer

Join Date

Forum: September 3, 2010
Staff: April 1, 2012

Wiki: April 20, 2012

Forum Posts


Majora's Cat joined the Staff as a news correspondent and to post editorials at the beginning of April. He is a handsome, charming young man who knows his way around the forums, the tennis racquet, the dance floor and the ping pong paddle. He wrote articles for publication in late 2010 and has since been an active member on the forums and has charmed the entire community with his wit and his beauty. He is from the mystical land of New Jersey and lives in a well-off dominantly Caucasian county.

He likes K-Pop and everybody makes fun of him for it. He really really wishes people would stop making fun of him for it, but he still loves K-Pop with all his little heart and listens to it frequently. Majora's Cat enjoys posting on the DGN forums, although his overall laziness prevents him from actually doing diddly-squat and he just watches YouTube videos, going on tumblr and linking friends funny pictures. He reeeeeaaally likes those funny pictures.