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This is not i repeat NOT a public sandbox!!!!

I will work on secret codes! Or as sissy Zeldazeldazelda calls them, wiki formats. Huh.

Infobox goes on top of page. Its general knowledge.

If i make an infobox, i do two squigglys like this: {{. Then i write infobox|person/place/event etc next to it. Like this. {{infobox|_____ I press enter and then do |and a trait or feature. Like so.



(Sister says "to be on the safe side, do nowiki> but… no.)

{{infobox|person |name = Link |eye color = green/blue, maybe/sometimes <?> |status = alive }}

If I LINK a page get it? I use two [['s. Then the name of the page. Then two ]]'s.

If i make a heading to fit more headings and subheadings, i use one =, write what i want, than another =. Example.

Open the tab.


Underneath i fit headings (==) and subheadings. (===). Example. Open the tab.



If Fi has anything to say about the place location or item, i put Fi inside two {{'s in front and }}'s at end on top of page or below infobox.

Like this.


That is,