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Jessica Capps


California, USA




Author, Editor, News Coordinator

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April 2013

Jessica Capps is currently in the midst of her second year of college where she is aspiring to become an educator in both English and music. Of the many ridiculous things she dreams of delving in from afar, she particularly enjoys exploring the fascinating plethora of both English and music in all directions. Jessica enjoys reading, writing, artwork, scribbling, poetry, animation, music, playing the violin, and playing video games. All seriousness aside, she’s been a huge fan of Zelda Dungeon long before her angsty pre-teen days. She had never imagined that she would one day join the team, yet here she is happily enjoying her roles as a writer and editor. Naturally, her favourite, video game series of all time is The Legend of Zelda. As she continues to play the series, it is the very series itself that plays a tremendous role in her life.

Pet Peeve: The sight (and sounds) of wrinkled or crumpled paper.

Thank you for taking the time to read one of the most conceited things I've ever written. I hope this was enough information for you to get to know me a little. Allons-y!