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Zelda Dungeon - News Reporter
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Staff - September 26, 2011
Forum — September 10, 2012
Wiki — February 21, 2012

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My name is Jordan, AKA Eternity Theory, AKA "that tall guy." I'm an avid writer and Nintendo fan who joined the Zelda Dungeon news team back in September 2011 to help with the Skyward Sword news rush. Despite an unfortunate hiatus after the launch of the game, I returned to the staff almost exactly a year after I first joined and have been keeping steady as a news poster once again. I currently run the weekly music feature Flute Boy's Meadow.

You'll see all of my news posts put under my actual name, Jordan, and I am constantly active in the comments as Jordan DiPalma. As for my heavily over-used username of Eternity Theory, I actually coined that name for a band I was almost a part of in high school. My friends didn't care for it but it stuck with me and I've used it all over the internet ever since. Go figure.

I am a college student currently taking classes at Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, AKA Virginia Tech for those of you who prefer reasonable names.

Game Stats

As of April 2013 I have played every canonical Zelda game except for Four Swords Adventures. I'm actually shopping right now for it, and plan to get a group of friends together to beat it over the summer.

My first game in the series was Ocarina of Time. If you want me to rank them or tell you my favorite, don't expect much; I can't really pick a definitive favorite, nor can I rank them fairly. Either way...

Game Beaten Y/N Owned Copies Progress/Achievements
The Legend of Zelda Y Wii VC
The Adventure of Link Y 3DS VC 100%
A Link to the Past Y Wii VC 100%
Link's Awakening Y 3DS VC 100%
Ocarina of Time Y N64
GCN Collector's
100% (MQ as well)
3-Heart Challenge+
Majora's Mask Y Wii VC All masks collected
Oracle of Seasons Y GBC Main game complete
Oracle of Ages N GBC In progress
Wind Waker Y GCN 100%
Completed Nintendo Gallery
Four Swords Y 3DS Bare minimum,
finish 100% later
Four Swords Adventures N - -
The Minish Cap Y 3DS VC 100%
Even got those bloody figurines...
Twilight Princess Y Wii
Phantom Hourglass Y DS 100%
Spirit Tracks Y DS 100%
Skyward Sword Y Wii 100%
Will do Hero Mode later