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Hey:P name is darkganon (as you can clearly see)! Massive fan of this series, i grew up with link and zelda! First one i ever played was links awakening( if at my contribs you can tell i love that game:P) and I have been hooked since. Pretty sure its a crime in some states, but i havent played Ocarina of time! But i have an emulator for it and im working through it:D

No real experience of this wiki editing stuff but When i saw that this was opening up i said i would give a go. Im learning quick as well:D so its all good!! Also, if any of the Zeldadungeon team is reading this... I would to do this wiki editing and admin fulltime for ya! Please keep me in mind!!

Well ... Thats it really.

And yes, i know that ganon is evil so he is always dark... I just like the name so no need to comment.