Treasure Chart 6

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Treasure Chart 6



Obtained from


Sunken Treasure #6
Six-Eye Reef (Silver Rupee)

Treasure Chart 6 is one of the 46 Treasure Charts found in The Wind Waker.

Acquiring Treasure Chart

The Treasure Chart is one of two charts that are acquired while in the Tower of the Gods. The chart is located right near the entrance of the dungeon. In the area that is in water, where Link will need to ride on the King of Red Lions, there is a treasure chest located in the room at the northwest end of the area. Link will need to have acquired the Hero's Bow, which is the dungeon item found in the Tower of the Gods.

When entier this room, there is a treasure chest which contains the Compass. Just beyond this chat, there is an eye target up on the wall. Shoot it with an Arrow to open the door. The treasure chart can be found within the treasure chest.

Sunken Treasure

The corresponding Sunken Treasure can be found at Pawprint Isle and it contains a Silver Rupee, worth 200 Rupees..