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Train Parts are items from Spirit Tracks. They can be attached to Link's Spirit Train to add more hearts while on the train or for a different look. They are received from Linebeck Trading Company at the Trading Post in exchange for treasure. Linebeck III can automatically equip the train part to the train after Link purchases them, or he can go to Aboda Village and speak with Alfonzo to change them out at any other time.

The default Spirit Train has four hearts. Any one customized train part will raise the train's health to five hearts, and a complete set will give the train six. The Golden Train is the only exception, where a compete set possess a total of eight hearts.


The engine is located at the front of the train. Changing it will also change the whistle of the train. The default engine has the Triforce insignia on it, and comes automatically attached to the Spirit Train.

Name Cost Description Set
Spirit Engine Given to Link by Anjean along with the Solid Passenger Car This esteemed train has a long history of keeping evil at bay. Spirit
Wooden Engine 2 Wood Heart, 2 Star Fragment, 1 Dark Pearl Loop The retro style of this train is popular with the younger crowd. Wooden
Steel Engine 2 Pearl Necklace, 1 Ruto Crown, 1 Goron Amber This steam train appeals to strong, silent types everywhere. Steel
Skull Engine 4 Stalfos Skull, 3 Bee Larvae, 2 Ruto Crown Created by a gearhead, it's unclear whether it can even go underground. Skull
Stagecoach Engine 1 Ancient Gold Piece, 3 Dragon Scale, 8 Bee Larvae This train is sure to get people's attention. Stagecoach
Dragonhead Engine 2 Pirate Necklace, 1 Mystic Jade, 12 Demon Fossil This train was created in the far past and seems to harbor an ancient spirit. Dragon
Sweet Engine 1 Palace Dish, 2 Mystic Jade, 1 Ancient Gold Piece This train looks good enough to eat! But that would be a bad idea. Sweet
Golden Engine 1 Alchemy Stone, 2 Ancient Gold Piece, 3 Mystic Jade Even the smoke on this spectacular wonder seems to have some gold in it. Gold


The cannon is located right behind the engine. Link can use it to shoot at enemies while out on the train. Alfonzo gives it to Link in Aboda Village after Link is attacked by monsters on his way to the Snow Realm.

Name Cost Description Set
Practical Cannon Given to Link by Alfonzo You can be sure that any shot fired from this cannon will hit home. Spirit
Wooden Cannon 2 Wood Heart, 1 Stalfos Skull, 1 Ruto Crown This wooden cannon resembles a stately tree. Wooden
Heavy Cannon 2 Pearl Necklace, 2 Dragon Scale, 1 Mystic Jade This steel cannon has unmatched accuracy. Its only hurdle is its weight. Steel
Skull Cannon 2 Stalfos Skull, 3 Demon Fossil, 1 Dragon Scale This cannon might be brightly colored, but it packs quite a punch. Skull
Tower Cannon 1 Ancient Gold Piece, 3 Dark Pearl Loop, 2 Pirate Necklace This extra tall cannon resembles a soaring tower. Stagecoach
Dragon Cannon 2 Pirate Necklace, 1 Goron Amber, 9 Wood Heart It's hard to tell which part of the dragon this comes from. The chest? Dragon
Honey Cannon 1 Palace Dish, 5 Pearl Necklace, 1 Goron Amber Even if you can't eat it, this cannon is sure to satisfy. Sweet
Brawny Cannon 1 Alchemy Stone, 3 Palace Dish, 2 Goron Amber This cannon might look fancy, but it's strong enough for heavy jobs! Gold

Passenger Car

The passenger car is where Link can transport people on his train. The first passenger car comes equipped to the Spirit Train.

Name Cost Description Set
Solid Passenger Car Given to Link along with the Spirit Engine by Anjean Whoever crafted this well-made carriage must have been a true master. Spirit
Wood Passenger Car 1 Wood Heart, 1 Bee Larvae, 1 Dragon Scale The natural wood of this cannon puts passengers at ease. Wooden
Sturdy Passenger Car 2 Pearl Necklace, 3 Pirate Necklace, 1 Ancient Gold Piece There may not be much room in this carriage, but it's incredibly safe. Steel
Skull Passenger Car 3 Stalfos Skull, 2 Star Fragment, 1 Pearl Necklace This car has all the bells and whistles technology experts could cram in. Skull
Quaint Passenger Car 1 Ancient Gold Piece, 3 Ruto Crown, 5 Star Fragment Passengers like this carriage for its homey feel. Stagecoach
Dragon Passenger Car 1 Pirate Necklace, 3 Dark Pearl Loop, 8 Demon Fossil The strange design of this carriage is appealing, but would you ride in it? Dragon
Cake Passenger Car 1 Palace Dish, 3 Dragon Scale, 4 Ruto Crown Anybody would be happy to ride in a car this sweet! Sweet
Royal Passenger Car 1 Regal Ring, 4 Dragon Scale, 2 Ancient Gold Piece This car is opulent enough for a king! Gold

Freight Car

Link first receives the default freight car from Kagoron in Goron Village so that he can get some ice from Anouki Village to put out some fire. It can carry items to other locations, but some enemies will try to steal the cargo.

Name Cost Description Set
Trusty Freight Car Given to Link by Kagoron There's no need to worry about damaged goods with this car. Spirit
Wooden Freight Car 1 Wood Heart, 2 Demon Fossil, 1 Pearl Necklace This wooden car catches your eye, but it's easy in the wallet. Wooden
Efficient Freight Car 2 Pearl Necklace, 2 Dark Pearl Loop, 1 Goron Amber The sleek, black luster is reminiscient of trains from the good old days. Steel
Skull Freight Car 2 Stalfos Skull, 4 Wood Heart, 2 Pirate Necklace It's not clear how this car floats. Maybe there's a magic carpet inside? Skull
Garden Freight Car 1 Ancient Gold Piece, 2 Pearl Necklace, 7 Stalfos Skull While very pretty, this mobile garden may not be the best for hauling. Stagecoach
Dragon Freight Car 2 Pirate Necklace, 2 Ruto Crown, 6 Bee Larvae Mythical beasts are great – especially when they haul your stuff. Dragon
Pie Freight Car 1 Palace Dish, 1 Goron Amber, 3 Dark Pearl Loop This car is designed to make train enthusiasts drool. Sweet
Golden Freight Car 1 Regal Ring, 4 Pearl Necklace, 1 Mystic Jade This freight car can double as an extravagant bathtub. Gold