Timeshift Orb

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This article is about the orb that restores land to its past state. For the stone that restores land to its past state, see Timeshift Stone.
Timeshift Orb
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To restore the Past


Timeshift Orbs are, unlike Timeshift Stones, portable ancient devices used to restore land to its past form, and were first introduced in Skyward Sword.[1] Timeshift Orbs cover a much smaller radius when compared to its stone variant, but still serves the same purpose. If Link, while carrying one of these orbs, encounters an enemy's skeleton, the enemy reanimates and attacks the hero.[2] Link cannot attack with the orb in hand, so he must place it down in order to fight.[3]

Link first encounters this object within the Pirate Stronghold. He must traverse through the area, and eventually reach a pedestal in which he must place the orb in. Once he has done so, Fi will inform Link that there has been a change to the structure, and soon becomes aware of a nearby shipwreck.[4] She uses this information for Dowsing. As the story progresses, and Link has revealed the entrance to Sky Keep, he comes across a room that is highly inspired by the Lanayru Province, specifically the Lanayru Mining Facility and the Sandship. It is there where he must solve puzzles with the use of a Timeshift Orb.[5]



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