The Shield Breakers

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The Shield Breakers




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The Shield Breakers are a group of characters from Breath of the Wild.


The Shield Breakers consist of Fin and Russ, two Hylians who live in the Trilby Plain, just southeast of the Woodland Stable. Fin can be found at the lower elevation, near the path just east of the Thims Bridge. He mentions that his best bed Russ is higher up on the hill by the tree. He asks Link if he wants to head up there, and if Link agrees, Link will automatically get warped up.[1][2]

Russ works as a salesman, where he tries to sell Link different types of shields. His shop is positioned at the top of the hill to encourage people to shield surf down the slope.[3] Russ will sell Link a Wooden Shield, Knight's Shield, and a Soldier's Shield. Russ is a bit desperate to try to sell some of his shields, as he is worried that if he is unable to doso, the Shield Breakers gang is going to go out of business.[4]


  1. My best bud is beneath that tree over there! So you gonna go up there or not, my man? - Fin
  2. Epic! That's the spirit! After all, shields were made to be surfed on! - Fin
  3. Heeey, man. You here for some shield surfing? - Russ
  4. That's all right, that's all right! Nothing to worry about, my man! Ya see, I'm a member of the shield-surfing gang, the Shield Breakers! Fin and me are the only two members, though... I make it my business to sell folks on the experience. The lifestyle. Yeaaah. Shields were made to be surfed on! Lucky for you, this hill here is the most savage spot for shield surfing. You just gotta crush it for yourself, my man. Oh, and if ya don't have your own shield, we've got some lying around here you can buy, if you wanna. If people don't start buying them soon... this gang will go out of business. - Russ