Termina Field

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Termina Field

Termina Field is a location in Majora's Mask. It surrounds Clock Town, connecting it to every other region of Termina. Link must pass through this field to reach one of the four areas to explore.


The areas are divided into cardinal points, East, West, North and South. There are small groups of bushes that can be cut down by Link to find various restockable items like Bombs, Arrows or Rupees, and then there is thick grass that hides secret Grottos. To the South is the road to Woodfall and the Takkuri, who can be seen flying around right next to the entrance to the Milk Road. To the North is the snowy terrain encompassing Snowhead with mushroom-shaped rocks and Dodongos during the day and Eenos at night, while to the east by Ikana lie Real Bombchus at daytime and Blue Bubbles at night. Kamaro, the charismatic spirit dancer, can be found dancing on one of the mushroom-shaped rocks during midnight to 6 a.m. The west is covered in sand, and situated by Great Bay are Leevers crawling around, much like in Ocarina of Time. There are many types of ChuChus jumping around in the southern part and some Deku Babas as well.