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[Edit Documentation]T2D, orTabs2D, is a container that structures a particular implementation of tabs. It is used when there are two or more sets of tabs that combine to select what content is visible.


| top = 
| left = 
| name = 
| width = 
| height = 
| vtabwidth = 
| first = 

  • content — The content that is controlled by the tabs.
  • top — The tabset to be placed above the content.
  • left — The tabset to be placed to the left of the content.
  • name — Unique identifier for this particular tabbed structure. (Optional. Default: auto-incremented generated identifier)
  • width — Width of the content area, not including tabs. (Optional. Default: 200)
  • height — Height of the content area, not including tabs. (Optional. Default: 230)
  • vtabwidth — Width of vertical tabs. Must be strictly a number. (no 'px', etc.) (Optional. Default: 60)
  • first — Defines which tabset is rendered first. Must be one of "top" or "left". This affects the order in which certain variables are defined, and can usually be ommitted. (Optional. Default: left)

Content consists of a series of {{T2D/Content}}.

For top and left, use {{T2D/Tabset}}.


{{T2D/Content| selection | content }}

  • selection — String identifying this selection.
  • content — Content to be displayed when that string is selected. (Optional. Default: same as selection)

The selection string is a space-delimited list of selector values. That is, each selector (i.e. each tabset, if each selector is controlled by one tabset) contributes one token to this string. Each token must not include any spaces, and must appear in the same order that the selectors are defined.

For example, if one selector selects colors, and another selects numbers, the selection string might be "LightBlue Two".

To define default content that appears before the javascript loads (or for browsers without javascript enabled), pass "default" as a second or third parameter (i.e. after the selection and the content if any).


{{T2D/Tabset| tabs }}

  • tabs — List of tabs defined by {{T2D/Tab}}.


{{T2D/Tab| selection | label }}

  • selection — Identifier for the selection for this selector/tabset. Must not contain spaces.
  • label — Label that appears on the tab. (Optional. Default: same as selection)