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This template is deprecated. Please use one of the available {{Ambox}} templates instead. This is being kept just in case it may become useful in the future.


This is a general header Ambox that can be used when no specific types apply. Header Amboxes display important information about an article. This specific template shouldn't see too much use. Information aimed at contributors is often best discussed in the article's Talk page unless it falls under a specific category of outstanding issues. Information aimed at readers always falls under specific categories (e.g. "This article refers to an unreleased game.", which would have its own template) - otherwise it's best placed within the article somewhere.


Place this template at the very top of an article (above any infoboxes, etc.), using {{Notice|Message}}. Replace "Message" with the content of the notice. If multiple notices need to be applied to one article, make the message something to the effect of "This article has several issues", and create an unordered list of the notices. For example:

{{Notice|This article has several issues:
*This article is out of date.
*Much of this article was copied from another wiki