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To add this template to an interview article copy and paste the following code and then fill in the information:

| date		= 
| interviewee	= 
| interviewer	= 
| description	= 
| source	= 
  • Replace YYY-MM-DD with the interview's publish date in that format.
  • For the date field, the format should be: December 2, 2011
  • Internally link interviewees. Separate multiple interviewees with <br/>. e.g. [[Eiji Aonuma]]<br/>[[Shigeru Miyamoto]]
  • List sources using standard external links with no link text. (simply the URL surrounded by single brackets)
  • At the bottom of the article, include appropriate categories according to game(s) and interviewee(s), sorted by date then publication, such as {{Cat|Interviews with Shigeru Miyamoto|1999-01-01 Nintendo Power}} or {{Cat|Ocarina of Time Interviews|1998-11-10 1101}}