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This page is used to create a tabbed interface for Pieces of Heart/Heart Container listings for use when transcluding the listings to other pages. The page itself would remain a full, non-tabbed list.


To use this template, type: {{Hearts| Game }}

  • Game — The game for which you want to display the piece of heart listing.

The formatting for each game's tabs are placed on subpages of this page. If a game's piece of heart listing doesn't yet have a tabbed format, the process of adding it is simple. Just copy the tabbed interface from an existing one, and then place the new one on the appropriate subpage and then edit it into the code at the top of this template.

The tabbed interface uses the by-section transclusion method. So in order for it to work for a piece of heart listing, that page's sections need to have the proper section coding, which can be seen in the pages that already have the formatting. This method allows the listing pages to be edited without having to worry about also editing the tabbed version to match, as it is automatically transcluded.