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This is a draft of an update "poast" introducing the new Easter eggs page for LA Month. I'm posting it here because it could use some serious editing, and I'd like to hand it off to someone else. I have other things on my mind, and I'm certainly not an expert on LA. I think Mases's intention was to focus a little more on Totaka's Song, maybe even leaving out the stuff about "For the Frog the Bell Tolls." I would appreciate any help in fleshing out details on Moyse and Totaka (maybe include some biographical stuff - when they worked at Nintendo, what other games they worked on, etc.), and make this slightly more like an article minus the length. I posted some of the resources I used here. --Locke 00:47, 28 April 2011 (CDT)

Apparently we cant use references here? (not terribly familiar with wikis) I kinda wanted to add that Totaka liked curry (source). That's also the source for my "sound programming/sound effects" and "nickname" edit. The Totaka section needs to be expanded, and everything made to sound more interesting. It doesn't read well at all as it is. --Locke 01:11, 5 May 2011 (CDT)

found a neat quote that could be added as an intro, next to a picture or something: "I know a few secrets, but I won't tell you." Kazumi Totaka --Locke 13:52, 6 May 2011 (CDT)

"I know a few secrets, but I won't tell you." - Kazumi Totaka

Easter has passed, but the Easter egg hunt is never over. Well-hidden eggs are bound to turn up throughout the year. These musical Easter eggs in Link's Awakening were found a while ago, but perhaps you didn't know about them. If you did, you may not know their full story.

Like many other Zelda games, entering "ZELDA" as your file name causes something interesting to happen. In all versions of Link's Awakening and Link's Awakening DX except the French DX version (enter "ぜるだ" in Japanese versions), this causes the file select music to change to a remixed version. In French Link's Awakening DX games, you have to enter "LOLO" to get this song. In the Game Boy version, "LOLO" unlocked the hidden LOLO Song.

The next file select 'password' has more of a story to it. In the German version of Link's Awakening (Game Boy), you can enter "MOYSE" as your file name to unlock MOYSE's Song. Claude M. Moyse was a German translator who worked on this and several other games. He is infamous for strange or perverted text he adds to some of his translations, and in Link's Awakening he even added his own song. However, for the remake on Game Boy Color, his song was removed and replaced by Totaka's Song. This song still takes the same file name ("MOYSE") to unlock.

Totaka's Song is even more interesting. This song was created by Kazumi Totaka, who was in charge of sound programming and special effects for Link's Awakening. He has hidden this same 19-note tune in almost every game he's composed for. Aside from the German version of Link's Awakening DX, it also appears in both Japanese versions if you enter his nickname "とたけけ" (totakeke) as the file name.

Don't have a German or Japanese game? There's another place you can find this song in any version of the game. Wait inside Richard's Villa for a couple minutes, and this tune will briefly interrupt the normal music. While you're waiting, there's another musical Easter egg in this house. The normal song for Richard's Villa is actually a remixed version of the main theme from the Japanese-only game Kaeru no Tame ni Kane wa Naru. ("For the Frog the Bell Tolls" – hence all the frogs in the house!) Richard was also the main character in that game.

There are many other fun and interesting Easter eggs in Link's Awakening, even some musical ones that weren't covered here. Check them out on our new Link's Awakening Easter egg page. Did we miss any? Post in the comments so the egg doesn't just sit around until next year!