Witch's Hut

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Witch's Hut
Outside of the Witch's Hut in Link's Awakening DX



Link's Awakening
Koholint Prairie
The Minish Cap
Minish Woods


The Witch's Hut is a recurring location in The Legend of Zelda series. It is a Potion Shop owned by a witch named Syrup, who brews Potions or other magical items for her visitors.

A Link to the Past

Main article: Magic Shop

In A Link to the Past, the Witch's Hut is referred to as the Magic Shop. Link can purchase Red Potion, Green Potion, and Blue Potion from the shop. Link can also give the Mushroom to Syrup and later acquire the Magic Powder.

Link's Awakening

The Witch's Hut in Link's Awakening is found in the south of Koholint Prairie, right next to the entrance to the Cemetery. It is the home of Syrup and a rat, where she mixes potions in a large cauldron all day. Once Link finds the Sleepy Toadstool in the Mysterious Forest and brings it here, Syrup makes him some Magic Powder.[1][2] He can return with another toadstool at any time to receive more of the powder.[3]

The Minish Cap

In The Minish Cap, Link is tasked with obtaining a Wake-Up Mushroom from Syrup in her hut, which is located in the northeast section of the Minish Woods. The Wake-Up Mushroom costs 60 Rupees. Link can also buy a Blue Potion for the same price, and he can also buy a Red Potion after fusing Kinstones with a certain Minish living in South Hyrule Field. Red Potions fully heal Link and cost 150 Rupees.

Item Name Cost (Rupees)
File:Wake-Up Mushroom.png
Wake-Up Mushroom 60
File:Blue PotionMC.png
Blue Potion 60
File:Red PotionMC.png
Red Potion 150


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  2. "Double double, toil and trouble a toadstool mix makes powder for tricks!" — Syrup, Link's Awakening.
  3. "Good job! Use it on your enemies and see what happens. If you run out, go to the for- est, pick some mushrooms, and I will make you more." — Syrup, Link's Awakening DX.