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Swoop is the mini-boss of the second dungeon in Oracle of Ages, the Wing Dungeon.


Swoop is found in a large room that is bordered by a single layer of blue tiles on the floor. Swoop begins the battle by taunting Link that it will never be defeated by someone without wings and then flies into the air.[1]

To attack, Swoop hovers over Link and then smashes to the ground on top of him. Each time Swoop hits the ground, the tiles below it will crumble, leaving a hole. If Link falls through one of these holes, he must restart the battle. The blue tiles at the sides of the battle room are the only ones impervious to destruction. Some time into the battle, Swoop begins not only crashing down once toward Link, but often two or three times in a row, making it more difficult to dodge. Link must slash Swoop with his sword while it is grounded in order to triumph.

Like most mini-bosses, Swoop leaves behind a fairy after his defeat and a portal that returns Link to the entrance of the dungeon. Links is also able to proceed into the second half of the Wing Dungeon.


  1. "One with no wings is no match for me!" — Swoop, Oracle of Ages.