Swiftblade School

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Swiftblade School

The Swiftblade School is a sword-technique school managed by Swiftblade in The Minish Cap. The Swiftblade School, praised by many people in Hyrule Town, is owned by Swiftblade, who is said to be the finest swordsman in Hyrule.[1] Link travels to the Swiftblade School at first, and later travels to Swiftblade's brothers for new sword techniques. The Swiftblade School is found at the southwest end of Hyrule Town. After acquiring the Earth Element inside the Deepwood Shrine, Swiftblade teaches Link the Spin Attack, which is required to leave town.[2] At the same time, Swiftblade also gives Link the first of eight Tiger Scrolls. Later on, Link needs to first acquire the White Sword in order to learn a new sword technique. If Link meets up with Swiftblade after acquiring the White Sword, he teaches Link the Rock Breaker technique, which gives Link the ability to break rocks with his Sword instead of just lifting them up. If Link speaks to Swiftblade again while wearing the Pegasus Boots, he notices them and teaches Link the Dash Attack. After Link acquires the Roc's Cape, Swiftblade teaches Link the Down Thrust.


  1. "I am Swiftblade, finest swordsman in all of Hyrule! If you train with me, I guarantee that you will increase your skill dramatically!" — Swiftblade, The Minish Cap.
  2. "Haha! Very good! You are a very quick student. But one must FEEL the technique, not just hear about it! That's why I will now possess your body so as to demonstrate the technique! I call this the Swiftblade Switcheroo technique of training! Watch this!! Urrngh!! Switch...Ah...Roo!" — Swiftblade, The Minish Cap.