Super Rumor Mill V2

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Super Rumor Mill V2
On the desk at the South Akkala Stable



Super Rumor Mill V2 is a Book from Breath of the Wild and one of the Super Rumor Mills found throughout Hyrule. It can be found on the desk at the South Akkala Stable. It is part of a series of super rumors left by Traysi, guiding Link on miscellaneous adventures.


Traysi here! No matter where I go, my love for rumors inevitably follows... Don't you make it a point to dig up rumors while traveling? In any case, today's topic of discussion is... The Dream of Teleportation! Apparently, there was once an ancient medallion that could instantly teleport you to wherever you placed it... What's more, this wondrous item may still be somewhere out there, just waiting to be scooped up! I must say, it sounds like the perfect item for travelers, adventurers, and rumor-lovers alike! I hear the treasure chest containing this tool is located beneath a labyrinth in northeast Akkala. Is it true, or just a beautiful dream? I'll let you decide that for yourself, dear reader. Traysi's Recommendation: *****

EX Teleportation Rumors!

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The rumor is part of the EX Teleportation Rumors! side quest which leads Link to finding the Travel Medallion. As the rumor indicates, the Travel Medallion is found in the basement of the Lomei Labyrinth Island. It is located at the south end of the basement, where the region is surrounded by Decayed Guardians and Guardian Stalkers. The Travel Medallion can be set down at almost any location and then at any point, Link can activate it to quickly warp himself over to that location.