Strange Brothers' House

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Strange Brothers' House

The Strange Brothers' House[1] is a location found within Oracle of Seasons. It is located in the southwest portion of the Subrosia Village and northeast of the Treasure Grove, just north of the House of Pirates and southeast of the Subrosian Wilds. Unlike the typical houses in Subrosia, the Strange Brothers' House has the style of homes in Holodrum instead of the huts that other Subrosians live in, Subrosians calling their house "weird".[2] The home is one of the largest houses in Subrosia, with a wooden table and two chairs for the two brothers to sit at. Nearby, a pool of lava can be found that is blocked off by a green fence as well as four pots found northwest in the home. Unlike the right half of the house, the room in the left side is empty, only used to go to the Treasure Grove.

After going through the portal on Mt. Cucco to Subrosia, Link is pushed by the Strange Brothers, dropping the Roc's Feather.[3] Noticing the weird treasure, the Strange Brothers take his feather and in return give him the Fool's Ore.[4] Link soon recovers and heads west to the Strange Brothers' House to take back his feather.[2][5][6] Once Link enters their house, they decide to bury treasure in Treasure Grove while making sure no one sees them.[7] After the Strange Brothers run out of their house and to the grove, Link chases after them throughout the grove, making sure the brothers don't spot him so they do not run away.[8] Once Link has followed them without getting spotted, the Strange Brothers find a suitable place to bury treasure and hide the Roc's Feather there, running off to find more treasure.[9] Link digs up the feather while dropping the Fool's Ore.[10][11] Coming back to the Strange Brothers' House afterwards, Link can follow the brothers again to find Ore Chunks, Magical Rings, or Gasha Seeds.



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