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Dominion Rod (Hyrule Warriors)

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The '''Dominion Rod''' is one of [[Zelda]]'s weapons in ''[[Hyrule Warriors]]''. It is part of the [[Hyrule Warriors#Twilight Princess Pack|Twilight Princess Pack]]. All three ranks are unlocked upon installing the DLC pack. Zelda is the only character who can wield this item at the current. It is the third item in her arsenal. The rod has three options, all changed by pressing the x button on the WiiU Gamepad. The first option allows her to manipulate the orb that lies on the tip of the rod. The second is a ginormous statue who wields a gigantic hammer. It's an odd experience, for sure, and is not ideal for completing levels with any kind of a good score. It's mainly just for fun, like all downloadable content really should be. The third option is an owl statue, the one manipulated in Twilight Princess. All in all, this is an amazing addition to Hyrule Warriors. I'm thrilled to have this item return.
{{Quote|A mysterious rod with the ability to command stone statues. Use a Strong Attack to control a statue, and then lead it to battle with Combo Attacks.|In-game description}}

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