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Volga , working with [[Wizzro]] commanded , commands the monsters that Cia had sent out to attack [[Hyrule Castle]]. He eventually confronts [[Link]] (at the time a knight in training) while fighting [[Impa]]. However, after Link shields Impa from Volga's fiery blast, Volga discovers that Link possesses the [[Triforce of Courage]], and is forced to retreat.
He later appears at the [[Valley of the Seers ]] where he ambushes Impa when as she is approaching the Western Fortress. However, he is driven off by Lana, although not before vowing to return for a rematch.
After Cia opens the Gates of Souls, Volga travels to the era of ''[[The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword|Skyward Sword]]'', where he forges an alliance with the Demon Lord, [[Demon Lord Ghirahim]], although . Although Volga's arrogance is such that even Ghirahim had disgust with it. After Ghirahim is forced to retreat by - after both [[Fi]] and , Link , and [[Levias]] grants grant access to Volga/Ghirahim's territory, - Link fights Volga as he is preparing to advance onto [[Skyloft (Hyrule Warriors)|Skyloft]]. Although the battle is even, Volga eventually powers up to significantly overpower Link and Fi, forcing them . This forces the duo to retreat to the [[Great Fairy's fountain Fountain]] to grant Levias enough food to summon a lightning storm to weaken Volga. Afterwards, they manage to drive him off.
He later appears at the Valley of the Seers where Cia uses her powers to power Volga up to become nearly unstoppable. After just barely being beaten near the Great Fairy's fountainFountain, he retreats and powers up more. However, [[Zelda]] manages to appeal to Volga's warrior pride to cast off Cia's influence and fight Link with his own abilities to prove his own skills as a warrior. However, Volga is quickly killed by Link, although he remarks that he does not have any regrets with death, with Cia expressing her irritation at Volga's last moments.

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