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|name = Greagal|image = [[File:Greagal.png]]
|game = ''[[The Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap|The Minish Cap]]''
|location = [[Cloud Tops]]
|title =
|race =
|gender = Male
| related member = | member = [[Wind Tribe]]
'''Greagal''' is a character an old member of the [[Wind Tribe]] in ''[[The Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap|The Minish Cap]]'', who used to be a famous hero in his youth. {{Ref|MC|1848|Greagal}}{{Ref|MC|1852|Hailey}} He appears can be visited in his home on the [[Cloud Tops]] where he is being plagued by a Ghost. He can be visited if [[Link ]] makes a [[Kinstone fusion to Fusion]] with a certain Wind Tribe member in [[Hyrule Town]], which will open up a portal to their homeit. When Link visits him, Greagal is sick due to being plagued by a [[Rupee Wraith|ghost]]. {{Ref|MC|1850|Caprice}}{{Ref|MC|1851|Hailey}} If Link can save saves him by sucking the ghost up with the his [[Gust Jar]]. , Greagal will reward Link by upgrading his regular [[BowArrow]] s to the [[Light Arrow]]s. {{Ref|MC|1853|Greagal}} If Link fails to save him before completing the [[Palace of Winds (The Minish Cap)|Palace of Winds]]however, Greagal will die dies and the Light Arrows will be are forfeit at that point.
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