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Harrow Island

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| image= [[File:Harrowislandph.png]]| game= ''[[The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass|Phantom Hourglass]]''
| inhab= [[Gossip Stone]]<br>[[Lucky Lee]]
| item= [[Rupee]]s<br>[[Rupoor]]<br>[[Treasure Map]]
When Link returns, the Gossip Stone asks if he is truly sorry for what he did.{{Ref|PH|1689|Gossip Stone}} If Link says yes, then the Gossip Stone agrees to allow him to play again if he pays 300 Rupees to have his ban lifted.{{Ref|PH|1691|Gossip Stone}} With the price paid, the Gossip Stone does as promised and treats Link just as before.{{Ref|PH|1698|Gossip Stone}}
== Gallery ==
File:Harrowislandphantomhourglass.png|''Map of Harrow Island.''
File:Harrowislanddigging.gif|''Link digging on Harrow Island.''

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