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'''Zant''' is the secondary antagonist of ''[[The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess|Twilight Princess]]'', although for most of the game he appears to be the main villain. Zant is a part of the [[Twili]] race, a race that was banished to the [[Twilight Realm]] as a result of their ancestors attempting to seek domain over the [[Sacred Realm]]. Zant claims himself to be the King of Twilight, but his power is a false one, as [[Midna]] is the rightful leader. Zant during During the beginning of the game , Zant seems to be a steady figure, barely showing any emotion nor or weakness. However, during the [[boss]] fight he unravels, showing his true personality.
[[Link]] gets caught up in Zant's evil plot during the end of the prologue. [[King Bulblin]] and his army of [[Bulblin]]s invade the safety of the [[Ordona Province]], attacking Link and its inhabitants. Link later on wakes up after being left unconscious, realizing that both [[Colin]] and [[Ilia]] have been taken. Link proceeds to head over the [[Ordon Bridge|bridge]] and onto [[Faron Province]], but instead he is faced with a curtain of Twilight. A Shadow Beast then drags the young hero into the Twilight-filled province of Faron, thus starting the events of the main plot.

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