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Touching Book

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|name = Touching Book
|image = [[File:TouchingBookSprite.png]]
|game = ''[[The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Ages|Oracle of Ages]]''
|location = [[Lynna Village]]
| use = Trade for the [[Magic Oar]]| related =
The '''Touching Book''' is the ninth item in the [[Oracle of Ages Trading Sequence|Trading Sequence]] of ''[[The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Ages|Oracle of Ages]]''.
In the same that location [[Link]] acquired the [[Funny Joke]] from the [[Comedian]] in the [[Past]], Link can enter the house nearby. Inside, Link will find [[Dekadin]], a young boy who is depressed, and eager to laugh away his troubles. {{Ref|OoA|1178|Dekadin}} If Link tells him the Funny Joke, he will become happier, but although he says that he forgot to laugh, and gives Link the Touching Book as appreciation for his effort. {{Ref|OoA|1179|Dekadin}} If Link bumps into [[Maple]] after acquiring the Touching Book, she will take takes it and read reads it, and then gives Link the [[Magic Oar]] in return.
File:TouchingBookScreen.png| Link acquiring the Touching Book.File:LynnaVillageHouse3.png| [[Dekadin's House]] as seen from outside in Lynna Village.
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