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Cheesy Mustache

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|name image =[[File:Cheesy -Mustache |image = -Sprite.png]]|game =''[[The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Ages|Oracle of Ages]]''|location =[[Symmetry Village]] | use =Trade for the [[Funny Joke]] |cost = | related =
{{Quote|{{Dump|OoA|96}}{{Ref|OoA|96|In-Game Description}}|In-Game Description}}
{{Quote|You got a The '''Cheesy Mustache'''! Itis the seventh item in the [[Oracle of Ages Trading Sequence|Trading Sequence]] of ''[[The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Ages|Oracle of Ages]]''s weird...|N/A}}
The '''Cheesy Mustache''' is the seventh item in ''To obtain it, [[The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Ages|Oracle of Ages'Link]]'' trading sequence. It is obtained by giving the must visit [[DumbbellThomas]] to in [[ThomasSymmetry Village]] in . When Link speaks to him, he is seen exercising, and he complains about how skinny he is.{{Ref|OoA|600|Thomas}} In order to change, he decides to work out, although he only has one [[Symmetry VillageDumbbell]], and he claims that working only one arm at a time goes against his policy.{{Ref|OoA|601|Thomas}}{{Ref|OoA|602|Thomas}} If Link decides to give Thomas his Dumbbell, he will finally be able to work out, and says that he'll be able to "get all the girls".{{Ref|OoA|605|Thomas}} He will also award Link with the Cheesy Mustache in exchange for helping him.{{Ref|OoA|606|Thomas}}
It The Cheesy Mustache can later be traded to the [[Comedian]] in [[Lynna City]] for the [[Funny Joke]]. {{References}}
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