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Stink Bag

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|name = Stink Bag
|image = [[File:StinkBagSprite.png]]
|game = ''[[The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Ages|Oracle of Ages]]''
|location = [[Toilet]]<br>[[Lynna Village]]
|use = Traded for the [[Tasty Meat]]
|related =
{{Quote|{{Dump|OoA|92}}{{Ref|OoA|92|In-Game Description}}|In-Game Description}}
The '''Stink Bag''' is the third item in the [[Oracle of Ages Trading Sequence#Oracle_of_Ages|Trading Sequence]] of ''[[The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Ages|Oracle of Ages]]''.
When Link is in [[Lynna Village]] in the [[Past]], he can find a small blue hut in the westernmost part of Lynna Village. This is the location of the [[Toilet]]. Inside, a [[???|whitish-blue hand]] will appear and ask for paper.{{Ref|OoA|578|[[???]]}} If Link provides it with the Stationery, it will give Link the Stink Bag in exchange.{{Ref|OoA|582-583|[[???]]}}
File:LynnaVillageHouse2.png|The exterior view of the hut in Lynna Village.File:StinkBagScreen.png|Link acquiring the Stink Bag.

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