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{{Infobox|item|name =Dumbbell
|image =[[File:Dumbbell.png‎]]
|game =''[[The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Ages|Oracle of Ages]]''
|location =[[Lynna City]]
| use =Trade for the [[Cheesy Mustache]] |cost = | related =
{{Quote|{{Dump|OoA|95}}{{Ref|OoA|95|In-Game Description}}|In-Game Description}}
{{Quote|You got a The '''Dumbbell'''!!! But thereis the sixth item in the [[Oracle of Ages Trading Sequence|Trading Sequence]] of 's only one!'[[The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Ages|N/A}}Oracle of Ages]]''.
The '''Dumbbell''' is the sixth item in ''To obtain it, [[The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Ages|Oracle of Ages'Link]]'' trading sequence. It is obtained by giving must visit [[Mamamu Yan]] in [[Lynna City]]. If Link speaks with her, she claims to be the top breeder in town, and boasts about how cute her dog is, although she admits that it's very shy.{{Ref|OoA|593|Mamamu Yah}} She asks Link if he knows of a good way to hide it's face in order to alleviate it's shyness.{{Ref|OoA|594|Mamamu Yah}} Link then gives her the [[Doggie Mask]], and, in exchange, Mamamu rewards Link with the Dumbbell, one of the toys her dog used to play with.{{Ref|OoA|595|Mamamu Yah}}{{Ref|OoA|596|Mamamu Yah}}
It The Dumbbell can later be traded to [[Thomas]] for the [[Cheesy Mustache]]. {{References}}
{{Cat|Oracle of Ages Items}}

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