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Poe Clock

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| location = [[Yoll Graveyard]]
| use = Trade for the [[Stationery]]
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{{Quote|{{Dump|OoA|90}}{{Ref|OoA|90|In-Game Description}}|In-Game Description}}
The '''Poe Clock''' is the first item in the [[Trading Sequence]] of ''[[The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Ages|Oracle of Ages Trading Sequence]]''.
In the [[Present]], Link can find the [[Clock Poe]] outside of its grave in the [[Yoll Graveyard]]. However, the Clock Poe is trapped beneath it, and wants Link to help him move onto the afterlife. {{Ref|OoA|571|Clock Poe}} The rock that blocks the path to the grave can be pulled away using the [[Power Bracelet]] or the [[Power Glove]]. When Link enters the grave and talks to the Clock Poe, the Clock Poe says that Link has helped him move on. He thanks Link and goes up exits the grave and .{{Ref|OoA|572|Clock Poe}} He also gives Link the Poe Clock and says , saying that he doesn't need it anymore, and will then move on peacefully.{{Ref|OoA|573|Clock Poe}}
The Poe Clock can later be traded to the [[Postman]] for the [[Stationery]].
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