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Pirates' Fortress

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The '''Pirates' Fortress''' is a mini-[[dungeon]] within ''[[The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask|Majora's Mask]]'', it is located within the [[Great Bay]] region of [[Termina]]. It is home to the [[Gerudo Pirate]]s, who [[Link]] must fight in order to retrieve the four stolen [[Zora Egg]]s and learn , which can later be used to teach Link the [[New Wave Bossa Nova]] tune.
The exterior of the Pirates' Fortress is known as the [[Pirates' Cove]]. Circling the lake, Gerudo Pirates patrol the area on motor boats here. If any of the pirates spot Link, he iz is thrown out of the lake area and has to attempt to enter onca once again. Alternatively the [[Stone Mask]] can be used to escape the pirates' vision as Link is completely invisible to them while wearing it.
This item is hidden in a chest within the Fortress. Link must sneak his way through the heavy defenses and up to the room where the chest is located. However, the chest is guarded at first so Link must use the [[Hero's Bow]] to shoot a beehive with an arrow in order to make it fall down. This provokes the bees to attack the guards, making the room clear in the process. The item can be used to latch on to certain objects and markings and pull Link towards a specific location.
==Heart Piece #42==
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In order to obtain the [[Seahorse]] from the [[Fisherman]] , Link must first snap a picture of the Gerudo Pirate in the Pirate's Fortress with the aid of the Stone Mask. Once he has taken a picture of the Gerudo Pirate, Link can return to the Fisherman and show him the picture. In exchange, he is rewarded with the Seahorse. Once the Seahorse is reunited with its lover, Link is gifted with a [[Piece of Heart]].
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