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'''LD-301S Scrapper''', more commonly known simply as '''Scrapper''', is a stubborn [[Ancient Robot]] from ''[[The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword|Skyward Sword]]''. He served [[Gondo]]'s family for generations, but eventually he lost his energy and couldn't be used. It was only until Gondo used oils from the [[Ancient Flower]] that [[Link]] gave him to revive Scrapper. His main use is to carry items from the [[Surface]] to [[The Sky]] that are too big for Link to carry on his own. He admires [[Fi]], and believes that Link doesn't deserve her assistance. Scrapper often pesters the hero by calling him "Master Shortpants", and flatters Fi by calling her "Mistress Fi".
Scrapper makes himself extremely useful by offering his assistance whenever he can. He's helped helps [[Dodoh]] collect his Party Wheel, [[Sparrot]] collect his crystal ball, carry the [[Kikwi]], [[Oolo]], to [[Instructor Owlan]], and give [[Kina]] a hand in doing some agricultural work. Aside from being a large help in side quests, Scrapper helps out in the main quest as well. He does so by, retreiving retrieving the fallen pinwheel from the Surface, transport water from [[Faron (Dragon)|Faron]] to the [[Fire Sanctuary (Skyward Sword)|Fire Sanctuary]], and carry a large basin of [[Hot Pumpkin Soup]] to [[Levias]].
*[[Scrapper]], among a few other [[Ancient Robot|robots ]] in the [[LD-301 ]] series, does not need a [[Timeshift Stone]] to function in the present.
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