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'''Tarin''' is the father of [[Marin]] in ''[[The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening|Link's Awakening]]''. He lives with his daughter in a house in [[Mabe Village]].
After Marin rescues [[Link]] after he washed up on the [[Toronbo Shores|shores]] of [[Koholint Island]], Tarin gives Link his [[shield]], stating that is has Link's name on it.<ref>{{CiteRef|LA|114|Tarin}}</ref> After that, he goes into the [[Mysterious Woods]] to find some [[Mushroom]]s, but he is turned into a strange raccoon that claims to be the reason that Link can't find his way to the [[Tail Key]].<ref>{{CiteRef|LA|66|Raccoon}}</ref> Link returns him to normal by sprinkling some [[Magic Powder]] on him.<ref>{{CiteRef|LA|46|Raccoon}}</ref> Tarin believes the whole thing was a dream.<ref>{{CiteRef|LA|43|Tarin}}</ref>
Later, Tarin takes the [[Stick]] from Link during the [[Trading Sequence]] in order to try and knock down a hive of [[bee]]s.<ref>{{CiteRef|LA|423|Tarin}}</ref> When the bees begin chasing Tarin, Link can take the [[Honeycomb]].<ref>{{CiteRef|LA|424|Tarin}}</ref>

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