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Pirates' Fortress

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|game = ''[[The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask|Majora's Mask]]''
|item = [[Hookshot]]<br>[[Piece of Heart]]<br>[[Zora Eggs]]
|miniboss(es) = [[Gerudo Guards]]
The '''Pirates' Fortress''' is a mini-[[dungeon ]] located in the [[Great Bay]] region of [[Termina]]. It is home to the [[Gerudo|Gerudo Pirates]], whom Link must fight in order to retrieve the [[Zora Eggs ]] and learn the [[New Wave Bossa Nova]] tune.
== Exterior ==
The exterior of the Pirates' Fortress is known as the [[Pirates' Cove]]. Circling the lake, Gerudo Pirates patrol the area on motor boats here. If any of the pirates spot Link, he will be thrown out of the lake area and will have to attempt to enter it again. The [[Stone Mask]] can be used to escape the pirates' vision as [[Link ]] will be completely invisible to them while wearing it.
== Interior ==
The interior of the Pirates' Fortress is where the [[Hookshot ]] and Zora Eggs are located. Link must make it through a variety of water-related puzzles by using the [[Zora Mask]] and still avoid the Gerudo Pirates to retrieve these items. The [[Stone Mask]] may be used to avoid the pirates, but the Gerudo Guard mini-bosses will see through the mask and will attack Link. He must defeat them in order to obtain the eggs. {{Cat|Majora's Mask Locations}}

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