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Coliseum Ruins

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Just outside of the Coliseum Ruins to the south, near the [[Aquame Bridge]], a [[Hylian]] named [[Dai]] can be found. He wants to enter the Coliseum to fight the enemies, winning their weapons and some treasure. However, he cannot quite bring himself to do it and instead just stands outside, trembling in fear.
A treasure chest can be found at the very top of the Coliseum at the far north end, which contains five [[Bomb Arrow]]s. A second treasure chest can be found at the top of the ruins at the south end, with this one containing an [[Amber Gem]]gem.
===Enemy Variations===
====Master Mode====
When playing in Master Mode, there will be [[Silver Bokoblin]], [[Silver Lizalfos]], and [[Silver Moblin]] as the base enemies. Furthermore, the Coliseum will begin with a Blue-Maned Lynel. After all Divine Beasts are defeated, a rare [[Golden Lynel]] will appear.
==EX Treasure: Phantasma==
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As part of the [[EX Treasure: Phantasma]] side quest, Link can find the [[Phantom Helmet]] at the Coliseum Ruins. This chest only appears if [[The Master Trials]] DLC is loaded into the game file. [[Misko's EX Journal]] will point Link to a battleground, where brave souls tested their skill. The treasure chest with the armor can be found on the ground floor, at the northwest end of the ruins. Use Magnesis to easily spot the treasure chest.
==Nearby Korok Seeds==

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