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Hebra West Summit

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The '''Hebra West Summit''' is a location found in ''[[The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild|Breath of the Wild]]''.
The Hebra West Summit is found at the far west end of the [[Hebra Mountains]]. It is a very expansive area, extending all the north to the [[Hebra North Summit]] ,and south to the south end of [[Lake Kilsie]]. As with much of the Hebra area, the temperatures are bitterly cold and Link will need to wear armor with [[Cold Resistance]] in order to survive.
There are several tall peaks along the mountain, and several of the them have [[Korok Seed]]s atop of them. At the far south end of the range, there is a [[Korok]] hiding under a rock at the peak of the mountain. The peak near the center of the mountain range is more of a plateau, and there are sparkly feathers moving around. Catch the feathers to find the Korok. Lastly, at the peak at the north end of the summit, there is another Korok hiding beneath a rock.
Throughout the mountain range, there are a handful of treasure chests that Link can find.
*[[Ruby]] - At the local peak, directly west of the Sturnida Secret Hot Spring.
*[[Bomb Arrow]]s x5 - Buried in the snow, on the higher platform, northwest of the Sturnida Secret Hot Spring.
*[[Knight's Bow]] - south of the northern most peak of the mountain range. There are some boulders along the side that can be blown up.
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==Nearby Korok Seeds==

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