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Tingle Island

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'''Tingle Island''' is one of the islands in ''[[The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker|The Wind Waker]]''. It is located one block west and one block south of [[Windfall Island]]. On this island lives [[Tingle]], who [[Link]] had rescued from Windfall Island's prison, and his three brothers, [[Tingle Brothers| Knuckle, Ankle, and David Jr.]]. When Link must collect all the [[Triforce Chart]]s, they are currently unreadable to him. To solve this problem, he brings the maps to Tingle, who translates them for a price of [[Rupee]]s. On the island are five stone slabs and a giant totem pole-like thing with a carved head of Tingle on top. For each of the slabs is a statue to go on it, but the statues can only be obtained by using the [[Tingle Tuner]]. The tower is said to have been built by Knuckle when he was ten years old. Also, Tingle claims that the tower spins because of the fairy magic inside of it, but it's really just his brother endlessly pushing it around and around. This island is a warp point using the [[Ballad of Gales]].

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