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Gerudo Top

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{{quote|Standard Gerudo garb popular for its open, breathable design and for the traditional Gerudo markings that adorn it.|In-Game Description}}
The '''Gerudo Top''' is a piece of armor found in ''[[The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild|Breath of the Wild]]''. This piece of armor, along with the rest of the [[Gerudo]] set, is required to be worn by [[Link]] in order to enter the [[Gerudo Town]], and since only women are allowed in, Link must dress like one to trick the guards. The veil, top and sirwal can be bought from [[Vilia]] as a set at the [[Kara Kara Bazaar]] for 600 Rupees. It has a base armor of 1 and cannot be upgradedenhanced.
==Armor Set==
The Gerudo Set (also including [[Gerudo Sirwal]] and [[Gerudo Veil]]) enables the set bonus [[Heat-Resistant]]increases resistance to heat.  
{{Cat|Breath of the Wild Armor}}

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