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The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks

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In Spirit Tracks, the player explores the overworld by the use of Link's [[Spirit Train]].Because the train is held to rails and can't divert from them, the player has to switch track in order to change their direction. Spirit Tracks continued a mechanic from Phantom Hourglass allowing you to draw the route you wish to take. Like the other games in the Adult Timeline, the player encounters many enemies while traveling through the overworld. Add the beginning of the game the player can only scare them away with the whistle, but as the game progresses, they gain access to a cannon which allows them to fire by tapping with the stylus the target they want to hit. After the player has gotten to a certain point in the game, they can accept request from characters to take them somewhere by the train. While doing this not only does the player have to plot their route and fight off enemies, they also have to obey all traffic signs and stop correctly at stations. Later the player also gains access to the freight car, which allows the player to ship freight across [[New Hyrule]]. While similar to transporting passengers, the player is not required to obey signs or stop correctly at stations, but is required to meet the demands of certain types of freight (Ex: Ice cannot be in someplace warm for too long). The player can make it easier to travel across the land by activating space-time gates. To do this they need to find the opening gate, which will have a green triangle at the top and fire at it. Once this is done, they can enter the space-time gate from either side by blowing the train's whistle until the portal is open. It is important to note though, that no time gates will be available at the start of the game, and to get more the player has to either complete side quests to get force gems, or progress further in the story.
Link must create new tracks by defeating a level in the Tower of Spirits obtaining a section of the [[Rail Map]]. Then he must enter the sanctuary of the specific realm and play a duet with a [[Lokomo]], creating the tracks necessary to enter the Temple of the specific realm. After defeating the Temple, Link must return to the Tower of Spirits to obtain yet another section of the [[Rail Map]]. He must defeat all five Temples and all six levels of the Tower of Spirits and then defeat Malladus to complete his epic adventure.

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