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The Wind Waker Enemies

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|link4=Red ChuChu|caption4=Red ChuChu|var4=Red<br/>
|link5=Yellow ChuChu|caption5=Yellow ChuChu|var5=Yellow}}
{{CD|file=Kargaroc_Figurine.png|link=Kargaroc|desc=Kargarocs are the main air aerial enemies of [[Wind Waker]], they can be found just about anywhere of the [[Great Sea]]. They serve as transportation for some of the monsters through out Wind Waker, such as [[Bokoblin]]s and [[Moblin]]s. It takes two hits to defeat them with the [[Hero's Sword]] and one hit to defeat them with the [[Master Sword]]. [[Golden Feather]]s are their main dropped items, Link can collect 20 of them and give them to [[Hoskit]] for 100 rupees and a [[Piece of Heart]].}}{{CD|file=Miniblins.png|link=Miniblin|desc=Miniblins are the weakest of the enemies in [[Wind Waker]], they can be mostly found in the [[Forsaken Fortress]], other locations are [[Outset Island]], [[Star Island]], and [[Cave]]s. Being the weakest of the bunch, they can always be taken out in one hit.}}{{CD|file=Peahat_Figurine.png|link=Peahat|desc=These aerial enemies main habitat are the [[Forbidden Woods]]. They can usually be found in groups of two or three and their main dropped items are the [[Golden Feather]]s. Some of the ways of defeating them are using either the [[Deku Leaf]] to stun them and hit them with your sword or cut off their propellers with the [[Boomerang]] and hit the them with it, but the easiest way of destroying them is either shoot them with the [[Hero's Bow]] or the [[Hookshot]].}}
|link2=Real Bombchu|caption2=Real Bombchu|var2=Bombchu}}

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