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Tye (Husband)

Sorelia is a character in Breath of the Wild.

Breath of the Wild

Sorelia can be found in the Finra Woods with her husband Tye, who are being attacked by Bokoblins. After defeating the Bokoblins, she will give Link a Hasty Elixir.

Sorelia is searching for a Silent Princess flower with her husband in hopes of finding one for herself. She is well aware of the risks associated with venturing out into the countryside due to all the monsters that are around, but she firmly believes that as long as she is with her husband, the two of them can withstand and king of hardship.[1][2]

Sorelia is concerned that she is just being a burden to her husband, but feels it will all be worth it if they find a Silent Princess.[3] Tye reassures Sorelia that she has not been a burden and that he couldn't be happier to travel the countryside with her.[4] Sorelia blushes when hearing this, referring to Tye as the light of her heart.[5]

Sorelia can also be found at the Ebara Forest, alongside her husband Tye. They once again get ambushed and this time Tye is battling with a Blue Bokoblin and Black Bokoblin.


  1. We are traveling in search of a flower known as the silent princess, that we might pluck one for ourselves. I knew the risks of roaming the countryside with monsters about when I insisted on accompanying Tye. But I firmly believe that my husband and I can withstand any kind of hardship, so long as we are together. - Sorelia
  2. I could withstand any hardship so long as I am at my husband's side. While we are together, I fear nothing! - Sorelia
  3. I do hope I haven't been a burden on my husband by insisting that I accompany him on his trek. But I was so frightened by the idea of something happening to him that I couldn't stand idly by at home. It will all be worth it when we pluck our own silent princess and I swear my eternal love to him. - Sorelia
  4. Why, Sorelia... I have never considered you to be a burden. I couldn't be happier to travel the countryside with you! - Tye
  5. Oh, Tye... Light of my heart... - Sorelia