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Soka Point is a location found in Breath of the Wild. It is found at the tail end of Cape Cresia, a bit east of Lurelin Village. It is the most easterly point in Faron, looking out into the Necluda Sea and towards Eventide Island.

Breath of the Wild

At the very end of the Soka Point, there is a small rock that Link can lift up to find a Korok.

Just east of the Soka Point, there is a treasure chest in the water that contains a Topaz gem. A bit southeast of the point, there is another treasure chest, this one also containing a Topaz gem. Way southeast of the point, out in the sea, there are two floating wooden chests, both of which contain Topaz gems.

A Fragmented Monument

Main article: A Fragmented Monument

As part of the A Fragmented Monument, Link will need to find and take pictures of three Monument Shards found in the area. Two of them are found over at the Palmorae Beach, where as the third one is found right at the tip of the Soka Point. After Link takes the pictures and shows them to Garini at the Palmorae Ruins, Garini will decipher the passage. Link can then kneel down on the nearby pedestal, which will cause the Kah Yah Shrine to rise up.



Nearby Korok Seeds

Hidden underneath the small rock near the palm tree.

Hidden underneath the small rock near the palm tree.

Tears of the Kingdom

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