Signpost Maze

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Signpost Maze

The Signpost Maze is a small area south of Ukuku Prairie with signposts randomly placed throughout. The goal is to start at the first sign and then read them all in order. The first sign has directions written on it, along with an arrow that points the next sign in the chain until the end.[1][2][3][4] If Link reads the wrong sign outside the sequence, he will have to start over.[5] In order to fully complete the maze, Link needs the Roc's Feather, Pegasus Boots, Power Bracelet, and the Hookshot. After reading all the signs in order, the final sign congratulates Link and tells him to go west.[6] Stairs leading to a cave appear, which lead to where Mamu can be found. If Link has the Ocarina, he asks if he wants to listen to his song for a hefty fee of 300 Rupees.[7] Once Link pays him, Mamu teaches him a new song: the Frog's Song of Soul.[8]


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