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Shops, some times referred to as Markets or Stores, are common areas throughout The Legend of Zelda series where Link can purchase items.


Most shops throughout the Zelda series use Rupees as the primary currency. However, some shops accept other currency, including Ore Chunks, Mysterious Shells, Mon, and others. Shops can be found in almost every Zelda game. Often times shops have items that Link can ordinarily find in the Overworld or as he journeys through his quest.

List of Shops

The Legend of Zelda

A Link to the Past

Link's Awakening

Ocarina of Time

Main article: Ocarina of Time Shops

Majora's Mask

Oracle of Seasons

Oracle of Ages

The Wind Waker

The Minish Cap

Twilight Princess

Phantom Hourglass

Spirit Tracks

Skyward Sword

A Link Between Worlds

Tri Force Heroes

Breath of the Wild

Main article: Breath of the Wild Stores

Hyrule Warriors

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