Shadow Insect

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Shadow Insect

Ground-type and Flying-type variants




Shadow Insects[1] (also known as Dark Insects[2], Insects of Darkness[3] and Twilit Insects[1]) are creatures that inhabit Twilight in Twilight Princess.

Twilight Princess

Shadow Insects are formed from evil magic, attached to the a piece of the power of a Light Spirit. In each area of Twilight, Wolf Link and Midna must find and kill fifteen (twelve in Twilight Princess HD) to retrieve their stolen power in the form of a Tear of Light and fill a Vessel of Light to restore the light to the province.

Shadow Insects are invisible to the naked eye, and can only be seen with the use of superhumanly-acute senses. Wolf Link can use his senses to locate and obliterate the bugs with Midna's help in order to obtain each Tear of Light.

The last Shadow Insect, found at Lake Hylia in Lanayru Province, is the giant Twilit Bloat.


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